HB Tronix

The same HB Orchestra aesthetics are condensed in an electronic formation which explores from a mix of sinthesizers, samplers and grooves, to singing and acoustic instruments.

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Guga Stroeter, Vibraphone - Pepe Cisneros, Keyboard - San Issobe, Programing

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The new technologies allow unimaginable possibilities. As an additional style for his artistic works, Guga Stroeter incorporates samplers and electronics to his ample music. The successful experience of acoustic big band and electronic rhythms present in the album "Salsa Samba Groove", took Guga to evolve in the research of new sounds.

The techniques up date, but the basics are fundamentally the same, and HB Tronix repertoire demonstrates that it is possible to create and re-create the good music of the Americas in a new format, without losing its essence.

The songs are created in studios and rehearsals, in three basic modules, from the sequencing and deconstruction of timbres and original fragments. HB Tronix Project unites the best generation of jazz and pop instrumentalists to the talent of established Dj's and producers. HB Tronix has a structuralized jam session, an event that shelters the sound diversity of contemporary music creators

Current music to hear and dance, having the technical quality as primary condition to broaden the conceptual universe of musicians and listeners. HB Tronix is an open and multicultural project, in which it can incorporate various artists in its performances.

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